Seminars and Workshops



  • Global intercultural competence: dealing with cultural differences worldwide
  • Regional Intercultural competence: specialised training for India, Asia, Germany and the U.S.*
  • Relocation workshops: transitioning to another country (Germany, India, the U.S.*)
  • Intercultural team workshops: kick-off workshops, team-building workshops, optimisation and mediation workshops, working in remote teams, transition workshops
  • Intercultural process facilitation: helping international groups and teams to achieve defined goals smoothly
  • Language coaching (English and German) for presentations, lectures, press conferences

*in tandem 


  • Train-the-trainer in Adult Education
  • Proof reading translations (English-German)
  • Interpreting at Courts and for therapy sessions (English, German, Tamil)

Workshops, seminars and one-on-one sessions can be held face-to-face, via telephone or teleconference or on skype