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 ‘Those who understand others as well as themselves will be granted success in a thousand encounters.’ - Chinese proverb


Why aren’t things working out the way they would in my home culture? Why are we getting our communicative wires crossed?


With the advent of globalisation, intercultural competence has turned into an essential workplace skill for facilitating international cooperation and gaining a competitive edge. The key factor is a fundamental understanding of the cultural values, assumptions and business practices of one’s partners abroad in order to prevent potential missteps and create a sustainable foundation for business relationships.


Years of experience in the field have shown that much more is required than a superficial mastery of business etiquette. My seminars will help you to view your own cultural mindset and expectations in relation to a diversity of perspectives, thus helping you to select the right communicative or business strategy for navigating unknown cultural territory.


At the same time, by using an interactive, case-based and individualised approach, my seminars and workshops aim to make intercultural learning as hands-on and experiential as possible.


All seminars, workshops and lectures are offered in either English or German.